Hi! I’m Maria and I specialize in turning your event into a creative one that communicates your theme and supports your purpose.

Live painting can be entertainment, inspiration an even worship. The art itself serves as a wedding memento or a fundraiser.

I have dedicated my life to many forms of art, but the ones that I am most passionate about give glory to God.


The WEdding Package $1-2k

🎨1-2 hours of live painting

🎨colors/theme of your choice

🎨The finished painting, framed

🎨Thank-you cards with painting image


I specialize in faith-based live event painting, taking requests to match the theme and color scheme of your wedding to create an amazing resin/oil painting right before your eyes.

Wedding scene, floral w/words, or bridal portrait themes available in 24x30 or 18x40.

Let’s collaborate on your wedding art that not only sets a creative vibe for your special day, but gives you a gorgeous memento to keep forever.


THe Fundraiser Package $400

🎨1 hour of live painting

🎨colors/theme of your choice

🎨the finished painting to auction for your cause

🎨delivery of painting to highest bidder

I specializes in live-event fundraising painting for ministries, non-profits and churches. Let’s turn your next event into a creative one that matches your theme and raises money for your cause! (average auction sale amount is $1-2k)


The Worship Package $0

🎨1 hour of live painting

🎨colors/theme of your choice

I also offers free worship painting for congregations of 300 or more people. I consider myself the quiet member of the worship team and continue painting during the sermon and service.

I do not require attention, but offer an optional meet & greet after the event. Anyone who wants to purchase the painting can ask me and the transaction is done off the church premises.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much time do you need to complete a painting?

I need 40 minutes to an hour to complete the painting.

How much space do you need?

I need a space at the front of the stage that is about 1x1 meter.

Is it messy?

No. I put paper under my area and work fairly dry. The wet look is from a resin pour that has dried before the event.

Do you promote your business?

I consider worship painting to be just that - worship and my primary objective for fundraising and worship painting is not to make a profit. I also consider myself a kingdom-driven entrepreneur so I will give a business card to anyone who asks.

A meet & greet is encouraged because art lovers like to meet the artist, and I love meeting people.

Do you coordinate the auction?

No. You purchase the painting and live experience for just $400 and then conduct the auction however you prefer. You also provide the tax-exempt receipt to the highest bidder. I then get connected to that bidder to discuss the delivery of the painting, which I take responsibility for. 100% of the sale of the painting goes toward the cause of your choice.