Positive Painting

You’ve heard of positive thinking, positive self-image, positive affirmations, but have you heard of positive painting? Maybe not since I just made it up.

Before my photography career and raising children career, I painted full time. I struggled to get each painting perfect and labored over each painting, taking way too long and never being satisfied with the outcome. Problem is, paintings done laboriously give a negative vibe to the viewer. Art painted with positivity and joy, on the other hand, give joy to those who see the painting.

The Lord has been teaching me to change my approach as an artist to a more positive, grace-filled and hopeful approach.

The Positive Painter . . .

  1. Believes with conviction she was created to create. She knows time at the easel is fulfilling her God-given purpose.

  2. Paints fearlessly, with boldness, expecting a good outcome by faith.

  3. Accepts her current skill level and her style. She has grace for every painting and notices her improvement.

  4. Learns from other artists but does not compare herself to others in a self-defeating way.

  5. Purchases art supplies by faith knowing that someday her art will be financially profitable.

  6. Heals her mind and body through the calming practice of painting which, in turn, creates more ability to be a positive painter.

  7. Shares her art unapologetically. She is not afraid of criticism and knows that gifting her art is a unique form of generosity.

Practice these mindsets, turn them into positive affirmations, and by all means, PAINT.


These paintings were experiments, using different mediums like resin, gouache and even origami. So they aren’t perfect but I learned so much. And each day I like the paintings more.